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Millennium Nucleus Center for the Analysis of Partial Differential Equations – CAPDE

Impact Area: Maths
Speciality: Equations in Partial Derivatives

The analysis of partial differential equations (PDE) is a fundamental branch of mathematics. It allows us to model complex natural phenomena that appear both in applied sciences – for example biology, finance and environment – as in theoretical matters within mathematics.

Specifically, this discipline is focused on models whose description involves quantities or continuous variables, such as distance, amount of material, time or temperature. The PDEs describe differential relations between these variables.

The theoretical study of these relationships is an essential challenge in this area. On one hand it allows us to understand qualitative properties of the models that are difficult to capture otherwise (for example, numerical simulation), and on the other, it helps us validate or discard the model in its ability to describe the physical phenomenon observed.

This Nucleus, born in 2015, consists of two main researchers, 4 associate and 3 assistant researchers, from the University of Chile, the Catholic University and the Federico Santa María Technical University.

Manuel del Pino
Manuel del PinoDirector
Alexander Quass
Alexander QuassActing Director

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