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Millennium Nucleus Interdisciplinary Center of Ionic Liquids- CILIS

Impact Area: Materials for new technologies
Speciality: Materials for new technologies

Table salt or sodium chloride is a chemical compound that consists of two elements or ions, negatively charged chlorine (anion), and the positively charged sodium (a cation). This salt is solid at standard temperature and pressure. However, there are various salts formed by different ions found in a liquid state. Such salts so-called “ionic liquids” serve to dissolve various compounds and, consequently, generate various chemical reactions. The infinite number of ionic liquids that can be synthesized enables the optimization of: performance, speed, energy efficiency and waste reduction of chemical reactions.

With a diverse and widespread work team composed of students, junior and senior researchers, the Millennium Nucleus Interdisciplinary Center of ionic liquids, CILIS, is meant to be a reference at the national and international level regarding the study of ionic liquids and in general, the development of green chemistry. The frontline research that is carried out at the Millennium Nucleus Center CILIS, that moves in a complementary way between the areas of theoretical chemistry, kinetics and organic synthesis, has allowed the growth of applied studies in fields such as electrochemistry and chemical engineering. In that sense, the investigation generated at CILIS has created advances in: drugs recycling, energy efficiency and reduction of toxic waste, all areas that will have a major impact on the future development of the country.

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