Executive Secretariat

The Millennium Executive Secretariat is in charge of the management/administration of the program. It manages, without interruptions, regular competitions since 1999,articulates the Millennium Centers with the public, educational, regional and private sectors; supports communications; connects centers with each other and facilitates the general management of the Millennium Nucleus and Institutes.

Mauricio Maldonado
Mauricio MaldonadoHead of the Millennium and Frontier Science Initiatives Department
Evelyn Millar
Evelyn MillarHead of the Accompaniment and Support Unit
Lorena Camacho
Lorena CamachoSecretary
Marcos Arduengo
Marcos Arduengo Centers and Associative Research Executive
Valentina Benforado
Valentina BenforadoCenters and Associative Research Analyst
Fabian Castillo
Fabian CastilloCenters and Associative Research Executive
Piedad Galvez
Piedad GalvezCenters and Associative Research Analyst
Ervin Keim
Ervin KeimCenters and Associative Research Executive
Rocio Pavez
Rocio PavezCenters and Associative Research Executive
Maximiliano Riquelme
Maximiliano RiquelmeCenters and Associative Research Analyst
Carla Rojas
Carla RojasCenters and Associative Research Executive
Macarena Valdés
Macarena ValdésCenters and Associative Research Analyst
Mª José Véliz
Mª José VélizCommunications and Outreach Counterpart