Millennium Science Initiative

The Millennium Science Initiative is a program of the National Agency of Research and Development (ANID; at the Chilean Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation.

The Millennium Science Initiative funds the creation and development of research centers of excellence, in the areas of social sciences and natural and exact sciences, which are awarded through public competitions, considering their scientific merits. These centers are divided into Millennium Institutes and Millennium Nuclei, which differ mainly, by the number of researchers, financing periods and financing amount.

Millennium Centers

The Millennium Science Initiative finances Research Centers of Excellence that cover a wide range of areas of knowledge and impact for our society

Millennium Centers


The spreading and transfer of knowledge and scientific work to the community is another of the considered key components in the Millennium Science Initiative. To promote this, the Millennium Institutes and Nuclei must apply annually for a competition of outreach initiatives. The Evaluation Committee of these projects is composed by four external evaluators with experience in communications, education and scientific transfer.