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Millennium Nucleus Center of Regenerative Biology – MINREB

Impact Area: Health
Speciality: Nervous system

MINREB scientists are dedicated to find answers to a common question: Why is neuronal regeneration in mammals ineffective? In order to succeed, the experience of its investigators in different areas such as neurotropic factors and traffic of membrane, neurogenesis and early development of vertebrates, degeneration and axonal regeneration, glia-axon relationship, and cellular mechanisms of connectivity between motor neurons and muscle, should allow new approaches to answer this question.

We envision that basic research in regenerative biology is necessary for the progress of Regenerative Medicine, a field aimed at developing new therapies to restore function of tissues in diseases of high social impact.

Francisca Bronfman
Francisca BronfmanDirectora
Felipe Court
Felipe CourtActing Director

Contact e-mail: fbronfman@bio.puc.cl
Communication e-mail: mjrodrigue@bipuc.cl | neucrealab@gmail.com
Phone: +56 2 2686 2484