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Millennium Nucleus Center Crisis Models: the Case of Chile

Impact Area: Society
Speciality: Democracy

During the last decade in Chile, the diagnosis of crisis has expanded to describe problems in various areas. There is talk about environmental, energetic, educational, financial, transportation and legitimation crises. Surely crises are something inherent in the complex and interconnected modern society. The question is how to anticipate and address them. The objective of the Millennium Nucleus Center is the identification and analysis of modes of production, management and prediction of crises under complex social conditions based on the Chilean case in the areas of education, finance and transportation. With this we seek to capture the universal behavior of the crisis, replicable in other areas inside and outside Chile.

In order to achieve this goal with success, we conduct our research with an interdisciplinary approach. We combine mathematical modeling, economic, socio-historic, philosophical-normative and statistical analysis to tackle a sociological problem. Research products are published in scientific journals and books, as well as in various electronic formats. Additionally, we take care in creating scientific exchange networks for related topics and strengthening ties not only with the technical circle, but also with actors affected by the processes of crisis.

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