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PME Evaluators

The PME evaluators are responsible for guiding Millennium Centers and suggesting directions for a more valuable projection to the External Medium, increasing their impact. PME also has the objective of defining in a better way Millennium Centers products and results, as well as of evaluate the execution of these projects.

Paloma is a journalist and television producer.  She’s currently working as the Content Subdirector  at Turner. In the past, she was assistant manager of Regional content in VTR-TV, broadcaster of “Panorama Chile” at CNN and an executive producer of “Por la Razón y la Ciencia”, “Kulmapu”, “Kulrapa”, and other TV programs linked to diverse areas. Beside her role in media content, she’s professor of “Fiction for TV Certificate Program” at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

María Angélica is a journalist and PhD in Politics and Communication. She has worked in different media like newspapers, magazines and television. On Tv, she was panelist in “Mesa Central”, “Página 13” and “El Kiosco” of Tele13 Radio. In her academic career, she worked eight years at Universidad Alberto Hurtado and is currently working as a Professor in Economics at the Universidad de Chile.

Marcela is the Director of Ecoscience Chile, an institution whose goal is to create and develop links between science and society. She left her work in the laboratory to develop professionally in educational projects and scientific broadcasting. She’s the founder and was a teacher in PENTA-UC, and has won different awards like “Mujer Impacta” and the national “Innovation of the Scientific Education” award.

Gabriel is a biochemist and Doctor in Cellular and molecular biology. He also works as a Science communicator on Zero radio, Vía X and He’s been a stable member of FONDEF and FONDEQUIP (Conicyt) committees. Also, he is part of the editorial committee of Innovation department website of the Ministry of Economie. He has also written the books “La Ciencia Pop” (2017), “La Ciencia Pop 2” (2018) and “¿Qué son los mocos? Y otras preguntas raras que hago a veces” (2019).

Lucía is a journalist, entertainer, producer and broadcaster on radio and TV signals. She’s the creator and host of “Agenda de Género”, a radio show of  ADN Chile, program that seeks to visualize femenine leadership. She has produced and coordinated a great variety of communicational initiatives and cultural activities, such as workshops for the improvement of scientists communication. She also is the writer of “Cuentos para ir a la cama”, publisher in and publisher of gender-focused columns at of La Tercera.