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Executive Secretariat

The Millennium Executive Secretariat is in charge of the management/administration of the program. It manages, without interruptions, regular competitions since 1999,articulates the Millennium Centers with the public, educational, regional and private sectors; supports communications; connects centers with each other and facilitates the general management of the Millennium Nucleus and Institutes.

Virginia Garretón
Virginia GarretónExecutive Director
Valery Rebolledo
Valery RebolledoManager of Millennium Centers
Paula Díaz
Paula DíazManager of Finance and Management
Soledad Hevia
Soledad HeviaCommunications Manager
Emilio Aqueveque
Emilio AquevequeMillennium Centers Profesional
Lorena Camacho
Lorena CamachoSecretary
Verónica Ceballos
Verónica CeballosMillennium Centers Profesional
Francisca Gómez
Francisca GómezCommunications
Carola Kappes
Carola KappesMillennium Centers Profesional
Pablo Mardones
Pablo MardonesFinancial Analyst
Evelyn Millar
Evelyn MillarFinancial Analyst
Maximiliano Riquelme
Maximiliano RiquelmeMillennium Centers Profesional
Daniel Toledo
Daniel ToledoSocial Media Manager
José Villaseca
José VillasecaComputer Consultant