Millennium Institute of Biomedical Neuroscience, BNI

Impact area: Health
Speciality: Nervous System

The Millennium Institute of Biomedical Neuroscience, BNI, gathers some 200 people who include students and neuroscientists of basic, clinical and mathematical levels, forming a critical mass around cutting-edge infrastructure in order to carry out top-level research in neuroscience, and provide technology and education.

These professionals explore the structure and function of the brain, covering from whole organisms down to the cell, and investigate the molecular mechanisms of neurological and psychiatric illnesses through complementary lines of research, multiple genetic models, applied mathematics, proximity to clinical work and advanced technology. Additionally, international networks of scientific collaboration consolidated with the Northern Hemisphere and Latin America and the organization of courses and scientific meetings make BNI a unique institute in Chile and a leader in neuroscience in the region.

A new generation of researchers, clinicians and leaders in the field of neuroscience are being trained and organized in an interdisciplinary environment.

The results of their investigations are published in prestigious international journals and transferred to society through the discovery of new technological approaches applied to diagnostics, therapy and brain/machine interface to improve people’s quality of life.

BNI generates a portfolio of projects of applied science, strong strategic alliances with public and private financing institutions, professional innovation management and technology transference. Furthermore, it brings neuroscience closer to specialized communities and general public, promoting the value of science as a transforming agent.

Claudio Hetz
Claudio HetzDirector
Jimena Sierralta
Jimena SierraltaActing Director

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