Millennium Nucleus Center of Semantic Web Research – CIWS

Impact Area: Optimization of processes
Speciality: Web query languages

In the 21st century, the greatest challenge in computer science is not related to machines or software development. In a technological society like ours, the biggest problem is the vast amount of data generated daily. This data is located in different places and interpreted differently, on top of which people and institutions ignore how to integrate and use them.

The Millennium Nucleus Center CIWS -made up of 13 researchers from different areas of computer science- works every day to provide the public with tools and techniques to give meaning to this data.

How do you store and process data from new astronomical telescopes to be installed in Chile? How do you analyze climate data? How do you publish and display in an optimal way the information given out by public organizations, so necessary for democracy? Domestic and foreign CIWS Millennium Nucleus researchers work to create tools to successfully face these challenges and develop the foundations of a Semantic Web, which will be the web of the future.

Marcelo Arenas
Marcelo ArenasDirector
Pablo Barceló
Pablo BarcelóActing Director

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