Millennium Institute of Oceanography – IMO

Impact Area: Environment
Speciality: Oceanography

The South Pacific Ocean is the planet’s largest unexplored marine ecosystem. The inhabitants of its depths are virtually unknown. In addition, phenomena that occur in it impact our daily lives through their effects on, for example, the availability of natural resources, and climate, both locally and globally. But due to human activity such as burning fossil fuels, some physical, chemical and biological properties of the ocean are changing significantly, and we must understand and predict potential impacts. Chile, due to its geographical location and level of scientific development, can become a world power in Oceanographic Research.

The Millennium Institute of Oceanography -comprised of researchers (both established and newcomers), graduate students, technicians and engineers, and a multidisciplinary extension team- is committed to leading oceanographic research and education in the country, as well as to communicate findings and educate decision-makers and society as a whole, so that the relevance of the ocean to human welfare and global climate change can be understood, enabling conservation and responsible use.

Osvaldo Ulloa
Osvaldo UlloaDirector
Rubén Escribano
Rubén EscribanoActing Director

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