Millennium Nucleus Center of Protoplanetary Disks in ALMA Early Science – MAD

Impact Area: Astronomy
Especiality: Astrophysics

The Millennium Nucleus Center of Protoplanetary Disks is a place dedicated to research on planet formation, mainly using the ALMA Observatory.

The team of this Millennium Nucleus Center has established as goals to observe ongoing planet formation and to understand how a progenitor disk evolves towards the state of a mature planetary system.

In its first four years of operations, MAD has maintained an ISI publication rate of 20 articles per year. It has produced 6 press releases and 3 high-impact papers in Nature and Science.

Simón Cassasus
Simón CassasusDirector
Lucas Cieza
Lucas CiezaActing Director

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Phone: +56 2 2977 1093