Millennium Nucleus in the Biology of the Intestinal Microbiota – NU-GUTmicro

Impact Area: Health
Speciality: Intestinal Microbiota

The intestinal microbial community plays a fundamental role in human health. It is composed of a variety of prokaryotes, mostly belonging to the Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes phyla. Although the microbiota remains largely stable, disturbances lead to the temporary or permanent disappearance of beneficial intestinal symbionts that positively influence human health.

The Nucleus Millennium in the Biology of the Intestinal Microbiota (NU-GUTmicro) addresses the study of a relevant group of intestinal symbionts, associated with health and how they are acquired, persisted and transmitted between humans during their life. Our multidisciplinary team is complemented to understand the mechanisms that govern the colonization, persistence and transmission of various species of the commensal intestine. The synergy of the team members is evidenced in the experience in the complementary areas such as: molecular biology and microbiology, genetics and bacterial genomics, culturomics, community genomics, genomic epidemiology and in vivo experiments in animal models.

Daniel Paredes-Sabja
Daniel Paredes-SabjaDirector
Fernando Gil Michell
Fernando Gil MichellActing Director

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