Millenium Nucleus Center for the Discovery of Structures in Complex Data, MIDAS 

Impact area: Process optimization
Specialty: Data analysis

The continuously growing capacities for the acquisition and storage of data sets call for new approaches to process data efficiently and extract relevant information.

Although data has become an important resource, large volumes are not enough: the interaction between data and sophisticated statistical techniques is required to exploit their potential and contribute to development in different areas of society.

In fact, the interest in large data sets is when they are actually ‘strange’ and allow us to learn about complex mechanisms generating them. In these contexts, it may be difficult or even counterproductive to employ parametric statistical models for the learning process.

The Milenio MiDaS Nucleus is a center that carries out fundamental research on nonparametric statistical models. Motivated by the characteristics of the data that arise in different areas of knowledge, to answer specific scientific questions, MiDaS researchers are dedicated to the development of new statistical approaches for the identification, reconstruction and efficient classification of relevant structural information in data sets. complex. Some examples:

  • The evaluation of the relationship between the shape and composition of the carcass in fish
  • The quantification of uncertainty in regularized reconstructions for biomedical images
  • The evaluation of factors associated with caries time and time of AIDS development from HIV infection
  • The understanding of the spatiotemporal behavior of the child phenomenon
  • The construction of disclosure limitation approaches based on synthetic data generated from flexible statistical models
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