Millennium Nucleus in Social Development

Impact Area: Society
Speciality: Public Politics

Currently, issues such as health and education are among the most important in the public debate and in the discussion of public policies. According to the World Bank, social development promotes social inclusion, builds cohesive and resilient societies and makes institutions accesible and accountable. In this context, the objective of the Millennium Nucleus in Social Development is to contribute to the design, evaluation and discussion of social policies in education and health, incorporating always a gender approach. Our ultimate goal is to produce knowledge that contributes to increase social development and human well-being.

A distinctive feature of this Nucleus is its multidisciplinary approach, through collaboration between economists and researchers in education and health. In the field of health we will focus on: early childhood, elderly, gender gaps and prevalence of mental health disorders. For the field of education, we will focus on: financial education, technical education, job readiness and socio-emotional skills.

Fabián Duarte
Fabián DuarteDirector
Esteban Puentes
Esteban PuentesActing Director

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