Millennium Institute Market Imperfections and Public Policy – MIPP

Impact Area: Society
Speciality: Public Politics

Market failures are hard to understand, due to a variety of factors that get confused with one another. Public policy faces the challenge of differentiating each of these factors. The Millennium Institute for Research of Market Imperfections and Public Policy, MIPP, develops and disseminates cutting-edge research on public policy responses to diverse market failures. For this, MIPP develops tools to evaluate the design of public policies and makes recommendations in order to improve the wellbeing and functioning of markets and organizations.

Researchers at the Millennium Institute pursue frontline research in Industrial Organization, Macroeconomics, Finance, and Economic Policy. The results of these investigations are presented at prestigious conferences around the world and published in top academic journals in Economics, Political Science and Administration.

MIPP also creates methodological instruments to deliver relevant information to the public and private sector for decision-making processes; generates meeting points, discussion and exchange of knowledge between national and international researchers; and organizes promotional activities open to the community that include workshops of Economy and sessions of Financial Education for small entrepreneurs.

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