Millennium Nucleus of Multifunctional Materials for Applied Surface Science, Multimat

Impact Area: Materials for New Technology
Speciality: Nanotechnology

The main goal of our Millennium team in Multifunctional Materials for Applied Surface Science -MultiMat- is to nucleate a center of excellence in the field of nanostructured surface systems (NSS) with expertise in their modelling, growth and characterization, with primary research focus on lithium-ion batteries (LiB), a topic with a strong impact in energy and environment in Chile and worldwide relevance.

The phenomena occurring in LiB are complex and require the transdisciplinary efforts of many skilled scientist. This is the case of the MultiMat team with expertise in the growth, characterization and modeling of NSS systems.

Considering that NSS and LiB are high-cost research fields and advanced experimental facilities are mainly centralized in Santiago, the MultiMat alliance will allow sharing lab capabilities among scientists both located in Santiago and Regions, narrowing the infrastructure gap existing in our Country for the development of Nanotechnology.

Judit Lisoni
Judit LisoniDirectora
Francisco Gracia
Francisco GraciaDirector Alterno

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